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About New Web

The Fiabee API lets interact with the Fiabee service in a simple and secure way.

It is a REST API that allows a client app to make HTTP requests to the server and get a result in JSON format.

Our REST API has been specially designed for Corporations and Businesses that are willing to deploy cross platform apps (mobile, HTML5 or web) using the Fiabee platform and sync-share services with the objective to mobilize business processes either for its internal users or for its customer base, or for both.

This version of the Fiabee REST API provides the following features:

  • Create and maintain your own file system in the cloud: create folders, upload new files, automatic upload of new file versions, select files/folders as deleted, etc.
  • Synchronization of user information: browse across all your data in Fiabee, preview files, share files, downloading files, etc.
  • User’s accounts management: account creation, authentication, “get account info”.
  • Execute fast and advanced searches.
  • Add new users’ devices.
  • Create automatically URL to share individual files with no need to download them locally.

New features are on its way.

If you are willing to provide those services to your internal users, or to your customer’s base, please send us an e-mail to and we will back to you as soon as possible.