Mobile Collaboration Platform

Fiabee solves two big issues:

  • All the businesses and corporations are banning the internal use of mass market sync-share solutions because the lack of security and control. Fiabee provides an “out-of-the-box” alternative with a secure and controlled mobile sync-share service for corporations with a centralized admin console, remote wipe capabilities, LDAP authentication integration among others.It can be deployed in a private/public cloud infrastructure or even On premise.

  • But Fiabee also provides an Open REST API that lets corporations to deploy their corporate mobile strategy: there is an increasing number of transactional mobile apps being deployed on corporations. With its REST API, Fiabee can solve the need for homogeneous mobile processes, synchronization, security policies to help corporations to deploy their internal and external mobile strategy.

Out of the box solution

With Fiabee you can enjoy right now of a mobile collaboration tool to increase your employees / collaborators productivity. Flexible and scalable, you can add and remove users as required even if they are outside your company’s network.

Powerful administration console

Fiabee Administration Console does not require being an IT expert but it has very powerful functionalities: creation and deletion of users, quota allocation, activity log monitoring, restriction of applications by user (i.e. an external collaborator may be given access to the web but not to the desktop application), remote wipe of devices, automatic update of desktop apps, etc.

The organization owns the account, not the user

The company owns the accounts, not the user. This allows ensuring that no information is lost when an employee leaves the company or a collaborator moves onto other activities. Users can be individually restricted to use specific devices providing additional control on the information.

‘Surgical’ Remote Wipe

Administrators can perform a remote wipe of the Fiabee information stored on any device that is linked to the user account. It is a ‘surgical remote wipe’ because it does not affect other applications nor other information stored on those devices. Information is not deleted on the server and can be accessed by the administrator at any time.

Department / Company

It can be used as a departmental tool or as a company global tool. Fiabee can be integrated with Company’s LDAP, Active Directory or MDM solution but it can also be used as a ‘stand-alone solution’ thanks to its administrative console that allows an IT-independent management of users if required.

IT – friendly functionalities include auto-update of desktop applications, self-service of users when restoring deleted or overwritten documents, easy reporting of 3rd level issues, remote wiping of devices, etc.

Secure collaboration

When sharing a document users can set a password and an expiration time. Files are encrypted on transmission, mobile applications have a local passcode and local encryption of credentials, and all activity is logged for auditing purposes among other security measures. Check here all security features.

Fully desktop Automated Sync

Fiabee applications for Windows and Mac (Q2 2013) perform a full automated sync of content so users do not have to perform any task to have their information available on the go or for changes done on their mobile devices to be available on their laptop/computer.

File versioning

System performs automatic versioning of overwritten documents and keeps deleted documents for 30 days. Restoring these documents can be done by the user itself, liberating IT department of valuable time.

Users can add notes to file versions to facilitate group collaboration

Any mobile device

Fiabee is supported on the most extended mobile platforms: iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android and BlackBerry. User can also access their information on the go through Fiabee’s HTML5 app or the web site.

Information is not stored locally on those devices due to space limitations but users can search any document, share documents, create new folders, delete files/folders and even edit documents and upload new content from their mobile devices [editing applications are 3rd party products not provided by Fiabee].

Works with:

- Windows
- Mac
- iPad - iPhone
- Android
- BlackBerry
- Chrome