Fiabee for Chrome

Welcome to the next generation of Apps

Fiabee for Chrome is an app that lets you intuitively manage all your files distributed across your many devices, directly from the web. You can specifically select which files you want to synchronize from your devices and store onto the others. By storing only what you choose rather than replicating all content everywhere, you'll minimize on the use of space and memory.

Fiabee for Chrome can be used independently or together with other Fiabee Apps for your PC and Android, that will allow you to get the most out of the Fiabee experience.

Fiabee Chrome App features:

  • Access, search – even when offline! - and share all the files distributed across all of your devices with just one click.
  • Send files to your Android with a simple drag&drop in your Chrome Browser.
  • Select favorites to be downloaded and synchronized with the Fiabee server automatically. You’ll then be able to play your music, watch your videos or view your photo files even offline!
  • You can share a link to any of your files through your email, Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace accounts. You won’t have to download files in order to share them.
  • Create folders and upload files through a simple drag&drop feature directly from the Chrome App.
  • View your MS Office files and PDFs directly from the Fiabee Chrome app using our Google Docs integration.
  • Capture images on the internet and upload them to Fiabee or send them to your Android with the drag&drop feature from your Chrome Browser.
  • Have you tried out Chrome, the fastest browser ever? Download it.